Sunday, August 28

Love Lost

I've been thinking about some of my most cherished films. They tell stories of love, and love lost.


Never Let Me Go

One Day

In all of these, there is a profound grieving over what never was, or what could have been. Love is unexpected, and wildly unpredictable. It grows, shines, aches and is lost.
And yet, in all of these films, there is this quiet resolve that what is IS precisely as it should BE. Oh, the joy of acceptance. Not for the sake of accepting, but acceptance based on contentment. I don't know how to put any of this to words, but I just must highly
recommend these three movies. If you haven't seen them, move them to the top of your list. They're all brilliant.

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Belemrys said...

Adam is by far one of my favorite films was my first Netflix DVD rental ever! (I couldn't find a theater with it in Miami)

The ending is even better than 500 Days of Summer which I think should be on your list :)