Friday, April 15

Just Say No...

You should know that I hate drugs. Really hate 'em. I don't even like to take over the counter medicine. It works out, then, that I am a bit of a hippie and love finding natural, homeopathic solutions to my health problems...which are never big problems.
But now I have this unrelenting, overpowering, sleep-interrupting, mood-dampening cough that Just. Won't. Leave.
I bought Mucinex for the first time yesterday. Words can't describe how much I dislike that that happened. Mucinex. It kind of worked, but then I woke up coughing for an hour and thought I might die last night.

I just like for things to run their course. For the most part, our bodies do what they're supposed to be doing, and if something's wrong (and we're relatively healthy) then it's getting put right. I want this to run its course.
Except that I haven't slept through the night in a week.
So, now I'm desperate.

My next course of conventional-western-medicine action is a prescription cough syrup with codeine.
Again, you should know that I hate drugs.
I can't decide. Do I take the opiate and try to sleep tonight? Or do I let this run its course and cough myself to death?


Anonymous said...

Hmm..I feel you. I usually delay taking medicine as much as possible but there's no harm in helping your body along if it's taking too long. You need your rest, girl.

Kiki said...

I vote for Delsym instead. A LOT of people are allergic to codeine, me being one of them and I would hate for you to end up in the hospital:/ When I ended up in the hospital, with a yellow bracelet announcing to all they I could not take codeine, they gave me Delsym and it worked, after two weeks of a hack-up-your-lung cough. Hope you feel better mucho soon-o:)