Monday, April 11

Indie/Vintage/Green/Stylish Love

Not gonna lie - I love all things indie. Well, all the cute things, anyway.

I thought I'd plug some cool indie corners of the world that I enjoy.

1. Handmade Market

This is legit. They are selling all sorts 0f handmade goodies. I'm not sure what I'll get, but I'm excited to shop and find that one perfect thing!

2. Turtle Love

They make these ultra cool water-drop-shaped glass earrings and necklaces, (I think they should make rings) and then donate most of the money to Water Aid.

3. Miss Eco Chic herself, Emily Anderson

She writes on, but she also wrote Eco Chic Home and the like. I love these things.

Why not be green and unique and stylish?
Zero Waste Living

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She Marks In Red said...

Loving my Indie/vintage/green/stylish friend!