Wednesday, February 16

Wednesday Weigh-In

Week 2.

Not awesome.

I went to Florida for a few days to see family. Do you know where they wanted to go? I will tell you where. Golden Corral.


Salad and fruit for $8. And I did have one or two glorious multigrain yeast rolls. Somewhere down the line, the literal buffet line, I caught a stomach bug. For the subsequent two days following my exposure to that god-awful place I was near-death. On the flight back to NC I looked so rough they wanted to escort me off the plane. At that point, I didn't know it was a bug (in my defense).

Oh, infernal virus. It knocked off 5 pounds in two days. But when I could finally eat saltines on day 3, it decided to hoard every last calorie. So my total loss for Week 2 was a measly 3 pounds. I won't be bitter, though. I'm glad to have my life, and to not have had to report to the CDC. Plus, that brings my total weight loss so far to 10 pounds.

Week 3, it's on.

(Oh, and happy birthday, Momma! I love you so much!)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for the Corral :-( Thank you for coming down & sharing valentines, my Cfree & birthday.
i LOVE YOU so very much!!!