Friday, March 25

On Going Granola

I think I've alluded to my hippie-dom in the past, but it is in full swing these days. Mostly, I think, because for the first time in about 21 years, I am not a student. I have time to read for fun. And explore who I want to be outside of academia. So, I choose to look into what is essentially a lost art - Home Ec. Not even kidding.

Well, I've made a few things - like this yarn wreath.

Handmade is the way to go. I just believe that more and more with each project.

I've also been getting into nutrition and sustainability and all that good stuff. I've read a few books on those subjects... < on All Consuming > I think my favorite so far has been "In Defense of Food." Maybe I'll blog more about that later...

Today I just want to share the good news that I love my new shampoo and conditioner!!!

I made them and they cost about $1.15 for 12 weeks worth. As in, less than 10 cents a week to wash my hair. And like I said, I made them myself! My hair feels great. It's shiny without being oily; clean without being dry. Best of all, I'm not putting all those weird chemicals all over my scalp.

Give it a try! Here's where I got the recipe.


Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Thank you Anne Marie for sharing the link to my post. We've been using this "Baking Soda Shampoo" and vinegar rinse for nearly three years now. We had some shampoo given to us and my daughter and I both used it when we had forgotten to make our regular mix. The shampoo made our hair ICKY! We both decided we cannot go back!

Congrats on embracing "hippie-dom"! :)

Rambling Heather said...

OK seriously I LOVE your blog!!