Sunday, January 8

Melancholic Melodies

First, I'll say that I don't know half as many great bands as I should. So if someone is obviously missing from my next few sentences...tell me!
I have been in quite the nostalgic, thoughtful, and even sad "music mood." I'm not miserable, but I just think melancholic songs are so beautiful. Yesterday I listened to Bon Iver all day. And I have such fondness for Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, the Civil Wars, Iron & Wine. I mean, you know all these guys. That they're worth a listen isn't news.
But today I stumbled across my favorite kind of band - a married duet.
Phillip LaRue (from my teen years of CCM love) and his wife have formed Us & Our Daughters.
Mmmm mmm good.
Have a listen.

At the very least, click this video. You'll love 'em.

If you don't already know of some fantastic marrieds making music, check out these guys, too:
Mates of State
The Weepies

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